Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter time

Egg and Rabbit courtesy of [luigi diamanti] 

That's it - after today I have one more day of work and then I'm away to enjoy Easter with my family.

We're not religious so Easter will be a time of chocolate and enjoying spring. Car has already been asking about when the Easter egg hunt will be but mostly about the chocolate.

It's lovely having 3 days off work (we get the day after Easter Monday off as well) but I've also taken extra days off to spend some time with the girls, Neb and everyone over the rest of the half term holidays. We're spending time at home, enjoying the hopefully nice weather and then off to the in-laws and to a family event in Winchester for the rest of the holidays.

I was thinking last night what traditions we have for Easter. We don't go to church but every year the girls give us cards - lovingly made in school. I think I best keep an eye out for some personalised cards for the kids. There are some lovely ones over at Dom and Geri , and  they have a good range of Easter cards to offer as well as Father’s day cards, which is another event on the horizon.

The other tradition that we started when Bel was young was an Easter egg hunt - why spend money going on one when you can have one at home. Our garden isn't very big but we do manage it between there and the house -or if its raining the house.

Easter Egg Hunt courtesy of [hyena reality]
Of course we also have the giving of Easter eggs, a tradition which the girls gladly love. We've been good this year and only got them one each but am sure that many more will wing their away to us. Bel is not fussed about Easter eggs and last year we may have had to help her out a bit (ahem!)

What Easter traditions do you have? Are you looking forward to the long weekend ( I am as we have wine to enjoy with it!)


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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Win big with Millionaire Genie at 888ladies

I remember my gran going out to play bingo and I wonder what she would have thought of online gaming (or computers for that fact) no more getting your red bingo pen out, shouting house or listening to the dulcet tones of the caller shouting legs eleven.

I've never tried online bingo (apart from the free games on Facebook) so when asked to try out the new millionaire game on 888 ladies I thought why not. The game, is not a bingo game but a slot game so no skill needed only the luck and chance on the rolling of the slots.

You can play the game spin by spin or leave the luck in the autoplay button's hands and set up to 75 spins in motion.

You can bet anything from a 1p to £3.00 if your feeling brave.

There are many different matches that can lead to wins, here I won £4

There are many different symbols on the game with different meanings. If you get

3 x 

then you win free spins. I've been lucky and won 35 of them so far


where you then enter the bonus round where you’ll have to make two important wishes: one decides your initial prize, and the other determines the multiplier that comes along with it!

There is also a random jackpot which is randomly allocated at any point throughout the game and doesn't depend on how much you bet.

I played Millionaire Genie for half an hour and found it quite enjoyable. As well as depositing money through the site you can also withdraw any winnings to a bank account or pay pal account (minimum £10 meaning that any winnings made can be kept for a rainy day event!)

Are you a bingo player? Tell me your favourite game and remember you can also vote for your favourite game or even Millioniare Genie in the current awards for UK's favourite  Bingo games.

Please remember to gamble responsibly and only to spend what you can afford.


This is a sponsored post, I was given £5 to play Millionaire Genie - all opinions given are my own

Meal Plan - The first week of the Easter holidays!

The kids are off school but I'm currently still in work - I'm hoping that the sun is still shining when I'm off with them otherwise there will be trouble. Neb is taking them on many walks this week to ensure that the words I'm bored are not mentioned in the house! Yesterday, they went to the river and today they are walking around our favourite bluebell woods but along the path that goes up a hill. I don't like hills so am grateful that this is happening while I'm not there!

The plan for this week is very frugal as we are off to Neb's parents next week and then away to a family event in Winchester so mega skint!

Monday - Leftover Roast Chicken, Fresh Bread, Coleslaw, Salad, Ham, Pickles etc - otherwise known as a bits and bobs meal 

Tuesday - Freezer Dive and Chips - it will be fish fingers/ chicken goujons

Wednesday - Fry up 

Thursday - Pork Kebabs and Rice

Friday - Lasagne and salad

Saturday - Either leftover Lasagne or Steak and Chips

Sunday - Undecided?

Apart from the Chicken and the bread and the Eggs for the fry up - I have everything else in the house. I may need to buy an onion for the lasagne but that should be that.

I hope your having a fun Easter break and activities a plenty are keeping the children happy


Friday, 11 April 2014

Top 5 Things to Do in Wales this Easter

 Easter is just around the corner, it won’t be long now. Do you want to have a family fun day out over the holidays? Then check out these 5 ideas:

Easter is fast approaching. The Easter Bunny will soon be here with lots of yummy treats and the children will have 2 weeks off school. Whether you will be in work Monday to Friday or home the whole time with the kids, you will probably want to spend at least one day together on family fun outing. But what’s going on in Wales over the 2 weeks? Anything good? Well, here are our favourite 5 things to do in Wales this Easter:

1. Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

 Peppa Pig and her brother George are coming to Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo this Easter! If your children would like to meet their favourite television character then take them down on the 19th, 20th or 21st of April.

The characters will be appearing at various times throughout the day at no further cost. That means you just have to pay for entrance to the park which is around £10 per person. As well as seeing Peppa Pig take a look at the real animals in the zoo and the farm, jump on one of the many rides in the Carousel Woods or run about in the adventure playgrounds. This is a great day out for all the family.

 2. Dare Valley Country Park

Dare Valley Country Park in Rhondda Cynon Taff has plenty on this April 19th. A day full of active excitement this is one for older children. Have a go on the climbing wall, shoot some arrows in the archery section or take part in a group scavenger hunt and let’s hope the weather is nice for it.

3. Bedwellty House and Park

 If you live near Blaenau Gwent then pop down to Bedwellty House on the 14th April for an Easter Egg-stravaganzer. Between 11am and 3pm the house and park will be home to plenty of Easter crafts for you and the kids to get involved with. And once you’re all cut and stickered out, follow the Easter egg hunt trail around the park and collect your prize of an egg off the Easter Bunny. This is a great bargain day out as taking part is only £3 per child!

4. Cardiff Castle

 If you are looking for a jam packed day out this Easter then head down to Cardiff Castle in the capital on the 19th April. The castle has many activities planned for children and parents including egg and spoon races, egg rolling and a short trail.

 If you’re kids love anything crafty then enter them into one of the colour competitions or sign them up for an egg decorating workshop. Beware however there is a small charge for some of the activities on top of the regular entrance fee.

 5. Pembroke Castle 

 On the 17th April enjoy a teddy bear picnic with all the family amongst the beautiful grounds of Pembroke Castle. This event is aimed at under 5’s so if you have young children take them along with their favourite teddy, a blanket and a yummy picnic.

The events host Professor Panic will fill the day with plenty of songs, games and of course circus tricks. And when the kids are all tired out there will be teddy stories being read for some down time. The gates are open between 11am and 5pm and normal admission fees will apply.

 Do any of these days out sound like fun?

If you know of any other great activity days out this Easter we’d love to hear from you – leave a comment!

 (image: Pixabay)

For a fun day out for all the family head down to Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo one of Pembrokeshire’s most popular attractions. There is never a dull moment at this award winning zoo, farm, amusement park and adventure play area in West Wales. It’s also soon to be the only place in West Wales where you can see lions. Roarrr!

This post is brought to you in association with Folly Farm. A fun day out come rain or shine.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter crafting

I'm not a crafter - or any good at making things! So when the kids come home with the dreaded Easter Egg/ Hat competition from school my heart plunges.

For many years we have been making Easter Hats - well when I say making I buy hat and bits from local shop, hand the children glue, sellotape etc and let them craft away!

They never win - not that they mind but they never do!

So this year after proclaiming last year that I'd never make a hat again, I decided to be brave and make Easter eggs.

So after checking the paper mache recipe (2 parts PVA glue to 1 part water) and buying balloons we started to rip and glue. Now after realising that the balloons didn't want to stay anywhere near the table we had to improvise with a jug each as a stand. We also did one layer newspaper, then one layer tissue paper and then one layer newspaper again.

Then after waiting 2 days - we started painting:

The girls loved painting the balloons and then when that had dried they started with the decorating. I gave no help just pointed them to the glue and the art jar.

The girls were very proud of their Easter creations and so off they went with them to school.

Again, though as usual they didn't win but that maybe due to parents doing work for their kids (don't get me started!!)

Anyway - if your looking for a craft to keep the kids going over Easter then this could be something that would make a great gift for grandparents etc

You will need

1 balloon per child
Lots of old newspaper or paper - cut up into strips
Glue - 2 parts of PVA Glue to 1 part Water (or you can use Wallpaper paste)

Layer the newspaper on the balloon - this is a messy bit and it may be advisable to give the child a pot each and not like in our house where they shared the glue! Cover the balloon in newspaper. Add second layer ( we used a different kind of paper for this so that we could differentiate the layers). Then add third layer. Ensure that the paper is stuck flat down otherwise you'll have a lumpy surface to paint. You can do this with a paintbrush but glue covered fingers work just as well!

Let the paper mache dry. This took us 2 days, but Neb says that you could use a hair dryer to dry it too if need be.

Then paint and decorate to your heart content!


Monday, 7 April 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the last week of term edition

Its the last week of term here for the kids and we're on a tight budget. We're off to Winchester at the end of the Easter holidays and before that Birmingham to see Neb's parents so we need to save money for diesel yet still feed the kids. Also as they are off next week, I need to make sure that we have enough food in the house to keep them from moaning they are hungry! I can feel some baking happening so that there are sweet treats for them!

Anyway, this meal plan has been written by searching cookbooks and the web as I wanted something which would eke out the food we have! I've also added an extra * for things I will need.

Monday - Lamb Chops, Vegetables, Potatoes and Gravy *will need to buy some veg!

Tuesday -  Twice Baked Potato * more cheese

Wednesday - Toad in the Hole * need plain flour

Thursday - Homemade Pizza * mozzarella

Friday - Penne and Sausage Pasta

Saturday - Steak and Chips 

Sunday  -Roast Chicken, Veg and trimmings * need chicken at some point

The plan may vary a bit from this depending on our mood and what everyone wants to eat.

I will have to do a small shop tonight as we are running low on bread and will pick up the other items then.

If anyone has any frugal kid friendly suggestions for meals for next week then please let me know in the comments!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Meal Planning Tuesday ....

Yes, I'm late but too be honest this is a flying visit as I'm still very bunged up and this week is a quick hop in as the meal plan was made last night with Car whilst cooking supper!

We stuck pretty much to last week's apart from the tacos which we 've got now for Wednesday!

Monday - Sausage meatballs, Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti

Tuesday - Chicken and noodles

Wednesday - Tacos

Thursday - School disco for the kids so probaly a McD's! And some dad dancing guaranteed!

Friday - Homemade pizza with home made garlic dough balls!

Saturday - undecided but I do have pork mince in the freezer so possible porkburgers?

Sunday - I'm hoping for a nice day so we can go out for the day and grab something on the run - chips?